President's Message

Kairali’s  quarter-century birthday  “ashamsakal”

“Lemon-tree very pretty and the flowers smell so sweet,

But the fruit of the lemon is impossible to eat…”  

This popular English song from the past tells it like it is in Oz,

It is an early-era love-song about a hard-hearted lady, strummed in guitar and sang with conviction by her ‘pommie’ admirer.  It was all over the radio and on listeners’ lips.

With the arrival of new migrants , the true splendour of the lemon fruit was finally revealed to the true-blues of this land down-under.

To this day, hardworking migrants from the world over continue to bring the splendour of cultural diversity to enrich our lives in very many ways. Kairali is one such entity – to preserve and promote the cultural richness of Kerala – the land of the Malayali people from India. 

Initially the founding fathers wanted an oasis for their young families growing up here to have a

Club (distinct from the formal Association) to relax on weekends and special occasions in the Malayali ‘yuppie’ styles.

We had the honour and blessings of our patron, the late Mr Sreedhara Menon and his gracious wife, Padminiedathi to ensure decorum and order.  No one ever fell off their trees and we were inclusive with caution, guided by our Constitution, aptly drawn up by the think-tanks of the Menon family of Bullcreek, the Mangalath family of Canni Place, Willetton, the Kishor family who moved from Belmont to Bullcreek (and now live in Melbourne), the Manuel family, Willetton and yours truly, being a family from Parkhill Way in Bentley  to Pallas Place, Willetton. 

Membership grew to about ten like-minded families to complete the initial membership drive.     

The appointment of the Founding President was decided by consensus.   

The suburbs we know today where plentiful overseas Malayalis have arrived and settled did not exist then.  Today, Kairali has risen up to the call for charitable causes that enrich relationships and help drive a socially committed community. 

With the support and encouragement from the community, Kairali has become a  cultural ‘vriksham’ with dense foliage and fair blossoms that provides shade to our cultural heritage in Perth. The club is now an enviable entity with over 70 family memberships. 

The Covid-era has limited Kairali’s silver jubilee celebrations. In the meantime, as a law-abiding entity, we proceed with caution.  We can look forward to the uptake when times are normal for cultural and social gatherings in Perth.

I take this opportunity to commend all our previous committees for their exemplary efforts in bringing up Kairali to the 21st century poised to an even better tomorrow.

Stay safe.


Murali Mohan

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